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  They had dry sliding equipment co., LTD is located in qidong city of the Yangtze estuary----Qidong, With the international metropolis Shanghai,Under construction to the rev thoroughfare of qidong into Shanghai1Hour economy circle,Has a unique geographical advantage,The traffic is very convenient。
  They had dry sliding in qidong equipment co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of lubrication equipment,The variety is complete、Quality is stable、The price is materially beneficial,The main products of the company:40MPaAnd under pressure level dry oil lubrication system and form a complete set with various specificationsThin oil terminalElectric lubrication pump、Electric pump dispenser、The petrol pump;XYZ、XHZStandard thin oil lubrication system and various non-standard thin oil lubrication system and hydraulic system;Oil and gas、Emulsion lubrication system design、Manufacturing;Column tube cooler、The filter、Pipe fittings, etc50Multiple varieties1000Multiple specifications。Products are widely used in metallurgical industry、Mine、Juki、Electric power、Chemical industry、Building materials、The oil、Port、The dock、Paper making 、Lock、Environmental protection、Military industry、Machine tools、Tunnel engineering, and other enterprises or field,Products are exported to at home and abroad。
  Qidong in drink all kinds of products of the sliding equipment co., LTD. After a long market test,No worries,Well received by customers,“Seeing is believing”As long as you have access to our lubrication products,In order to find a satisfying answer。Company warmly welcome new and old customers calls negotiate,I hope sincere cooperation with you。
  Because there is so much lubrication products,Company samples and website can't list,Looking at the user be forgive。Such as beyond the sample and a variety of web site,Can use telephone or E-mail contact。


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Jiangsu qidong city east industrial park14Number  Sales hotline:0513-83302706 83061620 Fax:0513-83302703 SueICPTo prepare07505348NumberThin oil terminalElectric lubrication pump