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    Hubei sleet refrigeration equipment engineering co., LTD

      Hubei sleet refrigeration equipment engineering co., LTD. Is specialized in frozen food processing and cold storage、Cold storage warehouse logistics、Fruit and vegetable air fresh、Ice-making equipment engineering、Cold storage food distribution center、Medical and scientific research environment cold storage、Super cold chain project、Cold water engineering design and construction of the factory and refrigeration equipment sales installation and after-sale service of integrated professional refrigeration company。
    Hubei sleet refrigeration equipment engineering co., LTD., has been committed to the brand、Technology、Service、A comprehensive advantage in quality breeding,Set upXiangyang cold storage,Xiangyang is proposed,Xiangyang cold storage installation,Xiangyang repair refrigerator,Xiangyang refrigerator design companyCustomer oriented integration organization operation system,In order to“Adhering to the leading science and technology、To create first-class service for customers”As the market concept,Guide the market trend;To actively carry out technical cooperation and exchanges,Through the introduction、Digestion and absorption of various core and cutting-edge technology,Promote technology research and development ability{Consulting for details}


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    Cold storage products

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    • High temperature of vegetables fresh cold storage cost is calculated according to what

      According to the purpose can be divided into refrigerator:Storage type cold storage、Processing the cold storage、Logistics transportation type refrigerator、The integrated refrigerator and so on;According to the temperature can be divided into refrigerator:The high temperature cold storage、The low temperature cold storage、Ultra-low temperature cold storage、Hengwenku, etc。Xiangyang cold storage,Xiangyang quote refrigerator,Xiangyang cold storage installation manufacturer small make up for your explanation of fresh vegetables have the following quotation:

    • How many degrees is placed in cold storage of fresh corn should be set for preservation

      Fresh corn good palatability,Unique flavor,Rich nutrition,Contains vitamins necessary to human bodyC、VitaminsB1、VitaminsB2And protein composition,Is a collection of delicious and nutrition health care in one of the leisure food,Is a new type of food into the consumer market。But fresh corn production has a strong seasonal,And easy to mildew deterioration,Short shelf life,Difficult to meet the needs of people often consumption。So,Very suitable for use for storage refrigerator。The next xiangyang cold storage,Xiangyang cold storage installation,Xiangyang refrigerator manufacturers of small make up to you about corn storage:

    • Cold storage using LvPai tube energy saving effect is more significant

      Xiangyang installation using LvPai tube what are the advantages of the refrigerator?The following xiangyang building company refrigerator,Xiangyang refrigerator manufacturers of small make up for your explanation。