Brand story

Brand story

  • The directorBrother creeps into early cooking skillsMarket shopThe stage cutBefore the ovenIn a whole...
  • The originalAt this timeHis father went down the mountainMy sister-in-law in the doorPeople is no better than usualFamily division of laborAll the things
  • One momentThe same alsoThe facadeSize than it once wasSite has changedThe class is not
  • Opening on the rentThe stoveTo expand their operationsThe brand is still the crispy rice mealName or tujia dishes
  • The small light through the two yearsRice crust reputation hasBrother and sister collegiate benchMountain areas in hetian city home
  • Things
  • GraduallyMay have had more,Heavy rainsFlash floods hitIs not a cousin and countries to quoteRisks lead to disaster
  • Can satisfy the luck to eat STH deliciousHeat has soaredThe effect of qi, nourishing the stomachBusiness that dayLittle money then
  • Before the volts, focal like pancakesBurn the rice crust than peopleA thick porridge than peopleNot only more and crispy rice food
  • Read the parent qin2 especiallyUnderground damp cornerDutch shovel on the stove,ElaborateHot weather sweat-soaked clothes in June
  • Entrepreneurship at the beginning of sorrowsEvery beginning sittingOutside the store shop sister worry aboutOn the front focal elder brother tired
  • Three twoTable but five copiesWith the placard rice crustAs soil vegetables)Open the door, guests
  • PoorHard to figureIn a corner in the west suburbUniversity of wuling sideRent a small storefrontPan is not
  • There are three only ten yearsChangLingGang soong brother and sisterMoved into the cityThe beginning of livelihoodBut suffer from my slight skill
  • Both the greedyAnd fill hungry bellyAs a snake
  • A happy childhoodJude remember smoke clearsMother hands rice crustIts hotThe or
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To eat/And out the other/Mom/Mom/的/Taste/The tao

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