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Laizhou city huatai insulation materials co., LTD is located in the jiaodong peninsula“The hometown of Chinese rose”—Shandong laizhou,Company specializing in the production of various kindsSMCSheet machine、SMCSheet(SMCComposite materials)、DMCMass of material、BMCMass of material、、SMCMoulded products、BMC(DMC)Moulded products as wellSMC、BMCFor the development of the mould。 The company was founded in2006Years,Have advanced so farBMC(DMC)、SMCProduction equipment,Strong technical force,Production experience,The introduction of advanced production technology,Perfect detection means,Excellent talents,And has a perfect quality assurance system and information feedback system。 Moulded products for auto parts、High and low voltage insulation electrical appliances、Transformer accessories、Insulation board and various series of optical fiber cable box、Glass fiber reinforced plastic meter box for the leading product。Moreover the company reference to refractory materials production technology at home and abroad,Combining with the current casting industry in China,Under the condition of large or medium foundry enterprises especially,To develop The development of a toAI2O3-SiC-CAs the main component of plastic refractory—Can be plastic,It is mainly used for cupola、Smelting electric furnace and other tools of build by laying bricks or stones with materials。 I believe that the company will be your business partner,If users have special requirements may call us any time,You and I to communicate,Sincere cooperation,The beginning of the benefit win-win。


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Huatai insulating material for the first25The international exhibition of composite materials,Booth number1729

The release date:2019-08-12

The first25The China international exhibition on composite materials industry technology,In2019Years9Month3To the day9Month5Day was held in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall,Laizhou city huatai...

Knowledge through train:SMCSheet in the application of explosion-proof electrical equipment

The release date:2018-08-17

SMCSheet in the explosion-proof electrical equipment shell class products applied to change the original explosion-proof electrical equipment shell class products mainly steel and aluminium,SMC...

SMCSheet unit is loading to rizhao

The release date:2017-08-05

Shandong rizhao wang hello,You order in our factorySMCSheet are tested qualified loading unit,Due to arrive in four days,Would you please check in time...


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Efforts to build characteristic brand integrity


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