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·Tourism department prompt holiday travel safety points
 Province Outside To swimMore lines…
·East China city of six threesome six days2899Yuan/People
·【The government+The scenic area】Double subsidies Ten thousand people in chongqing1999Yuan/People
·Seven libo caves in guizhou、Huangguoshu waterfall、Xijiang2799Yuan/People
·Guilin, elephant trunk hill• The cheerful ping li river1299Yuan/People
· Guilin ideas from water boat song four days1299Yuan
·Xiamen train four days1458Yuan/People
·Zhangjiajie forest park•The grand canyon2299Yuan/People
·Beijing、Tianjin threesome six days of pure play ball2499Yuan/People
 Province Inside To swimMore lines…
·Kaiping diaolou in the feng instrument、Cambridge hot springs、Send a cheongsam188Yuan/People
·Gao Mingan naci town、Surplus sweet ecology garden one day178Yuan/People
·Kaiping garden、Self-reliance village carved blocks a day168Yuan/People
·Yangchun dragon palace rock、The stone forest flowers one day98Yuan/People
·Shenzhen oct east car for two days 598Yuan/People
· Austrian town in huizhou、The west lake、Luofu mountain huanglong328Yuan/People
·Zhuhai ocean kingdom colorful day long lung418Yuan
·Zhuhai free one day98Yuan/People
 Hotel reservationMore hotels…
·Lock slope fuhua hotel238
·Yangjiang lock slope blue sea hotel180
·Yangjiang port lock slope days hotel180
·Yangjiang lock slope day feather leisure hotel230
·Yang paracel island bay hotel398
·Yangjiang chaton paradise resort hotel758
·Yangjiang lock slope haibao resort hotel180
·Sunshine peninsula international hotel388

 And out the other The land To swimMore lines…
 Since By LineMore lines…
 Travel tipsMore common sense…
·12More than one full year of life must be id card
·Yangshuo landscape
·Travel luggage table
·Field trips standby emergency supplies
·Outbound tourism:The clothes、The food、To live in、Line
·Tourism nutritional food supplement
·When the journey of yan coup
·Self-drive travel before the matters needing attention
·Travel flight prevention guidelines
·In the tourism photographic equipment guidelines
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