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Kaiping petunia biochemical pharmaceutical co., LTD. Is a collection of raw materials research and development、Production、Sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises。Its predecessor——Biochemical products factory was established in kaiping kelly1992Years,Is a guide to create directly by the Chinese academy of sciences。2001Restructured and renamed in kaiping petunia biochemical pharmaceutical co., LTD。After long distance transform,In2004To move in by the stateGMPStandard planning、Design,Covers an area of12More than square meters of production base of API。

Companies invest a lot of money each year in the study of development,Fermentation mature gene engineering、Protein purification、Enzyme immobilization, biocatalysis technology platform, etc,Success and the Chinese academy of sciences、Sun yat-sen university and other famous colleges and universities cooperation research and development projects。The experiment center and production center with advanced biological fermentation、Extraction、Purification equipment of the system,Exquisite production technology,Strict quality management system。

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At present, the company has a variety of products,Mainly includes the adenosine triphosphate disodium、Citicoline sodium、Sodium cytidine triphosphate、N-Acetyl neuraminic acid(Bird's nest acid)、Inosine acid、Poly (cytidine acid、P-toluene sulfonic acid sulfate adenosine methionine、Succinic acid adenosine methionine,Sales throughout the country、Many countries and regions of the world。Product adenosine triphosphate disodium、Sodium cytidine triphosphate、Poly (cytidine acid、Citicoline sodium is successively has been hailed as a high-tech products in guangdong province。

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    • Name of commodity:Citicoline

    • English name:CDPC-H
    • CAS:987-78-0

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    Petunia biochemical pharmaceutical enterprise firmly believe that value is created jointly by employees,Personal progress is closely related to the development of the enterprise,Employees tireless,The company is thriving;Innovation of employees,Companies have vitality。

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