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Special steel manufacturing
Yongxing Special Stainless Steel Co., Ltd
KingdeeK3Financial、Logistics、Steel manufacturing execution tracking system、The cost
Huzhou huate stainless steel manufacturing co., LTD
Huzhou aiello metal heat treatment co., LTD
(KingdeeK3Financial、Logistics、Product barcode interface)
Machinery and electronics manufacturing
Huzhou giant mechanical and electrical co., LTD
The elevator manufacturingERPApplications
Furniture manufacturing
Zhejiang hao holding group co., LTD
(KingdeeK3Financial、Logistics、Production schedule、Workshop management、Export management)
Zhejiang heng Lin chair industry co., LTD
(KingdeeK3Financial、Logistics、Based on the production、Export management)
Zhejiang strong dragon industry co., LTD
(KingdeeK3Financial、Logistics、Production and manufacturing、Export management)
Wire and cable manufacturing
Huzhou long sheng electric co., LTD
(KingdeeK3Financial、Logistics、Based on the production、Credit management)
Tyco thermal controls(Huzhou)Co., LTD
(KingdeeK3Financial、Logistics、Production and manufacturing、Standard cost)
Zhejiang keso cable co., LTD
(KingdeeK3Financial、Logistics、Product bar code management)
Stainless steel manufacturing enterprise manufacturing execution management application
Barcode warehouse cable industry application solutions
Agile scheduling chair industry application solutions
The elevator manufacturingERPApplication solutions
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