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Hejian fly heat preservation nail factory focus from the r&d and production of nail,External wall thermal insulation nails for many years,Plastic bar for research and development experience,Heat preservation nail manufacturers laid a solid foundation for us。
About us    Hejian fly heat preservation nail factory(The original hejian xinfeng the production of heat preservation nail series products manufacturers,Our factory is located in hejian town south beam called development zone。Products sold throughout the country,Has now formed the production、Sales、Construction services as one of the manufacturers。
  Our factory main products:The outer wall heat preservation nail、Low carbon steel heat preservation nail、Lu: su heat preservation nail、Nail stickers heat preservation、Plastic bolts、The wall heat preservation nail、According to user requirements of various special-shaped heat preservation nail、Mesh cloth、Thermal insulation mortar、Powder, etc。Xinfeng products sold throughout the country and exported to international market,By the recognition of many customers and praise。We will with perfect service system,To provide customers with more quality products。
  Based on now、Looking to the future in today's global economic integration process is full of opportunities and challenges。Xinfeng will continue to develop、Innovation、Improve yourself。Strong strength of enterprises、Advanced scientific equipment、Rich experience in production、The rigorous scientific management、Perfect quality system、The management idea of harmony is the reliable guarantee for enterprise development。“The good faith、Strives for realism、To exploit、Innovation”Is my company's enterprise spirit。We look forward to sincere cooperation with you! ...

Address:Hejian town south beam called development zone in hebei provinceThe phone:0317-3816430 A mobile phone:18331768188

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