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Vinyl acetate supply declining prices WanWei high benefit
According to o wisdom tak news agency7Month8Day,Affected by the device closure of European and American device is not stable,Europe and the price of vinyl acetate(VAM)Because of the wide gap of the market prices,The domestic price of vinyl acetate and exports to rise sharply,And its downstream polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)The probability of rising greatly,The mainVAMExporters and the mainPVAWanWei high(2.83, 0.07, 2.54%)(600063.SH)Benefit is obvious。 The ethyl acetate in east China...
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Chaohu city Jin Wei trade co., LTD

Chaohu city Jin Wei trade co., LTD., established in2003Years,Chaohu lake is located in hefei, anhui province economic development zone,Is a high-tech anhui WanWei materials co., LTD. Product agent。Company's main polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)、Methyl acetate、Acetic acid、Methanol、Vinyl acetate、Emulsifier、Defoaming agent、Rubber powder、Ammonia and other chemical products。
After ten years of development,In some large domestic enterprises established good relations of cooperation,The market has covered the east China、South China、Northwest and other regions。Liquid products in chaohu lake、Changzhou and other places have a certain ability to store。
Companies adhering to the“Good faith for this、Mutual benefit and win-win”The management idea,Is willing to sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life and communication,Create brilliant!

“Enthusiastic service、Thoughtful、Stick to it、Strive for perfection”Purpose is our culture!

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