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My company is committed to provide users with high quality、High performance、High cost performance of various high and low voltage electrical products;

Companies adhering to the"The customer is supreme,Technological innovation,Solidarity and collaboration,Practical"The management idea;

Company staff warmly welcome customers at home and abroad、Leaders from all walks of life to our company and partners。

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HaoQingYuan products all adopt raw materials production,Put an end to inferior material;

In strict accordance with the technological process of production,Each batch product quantity antenatal must be small batch trial-produce;

HaoQingYuan electric all throughISO14001Environmental management system。

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HaoQingYuan has its own factory direct procurement,Save the intermediate links,The biggest benefit to the customer ;

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Centralized purchasing,Focus on the delivery,Can effectively decrease the cost of purchasing and logistics。

About usAbout us

About us

Taian HaoQingYuan electric co., LTD., specializing in the production of various kinds of high and low voltage switchgear、Box-type substation、Electrical automation system、Transformer、The bus duct system、Cable tray、Automotive electronics and other products。

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Frequently asked questions

What transformer operation can't happen?

  In electric power or large power equipment in the operation of the project,Transformers are indispensable tools,They are on the electric energy of various kinds of regulation,Transformation of main mechanical equipment。Although they have such a powerful power function,The following two cases are best not to appear,Because they will directly affect the quality of the whole project。
  Oil-immersed transformers
  The first,Overload
  It is understood,If this kind of mechanical equipment in the running process is always overload condition,Then,Not only affects the running effect of the mechanical equipment,It will also bring danger to the corresponding engineering,Leading to the engineering quality problem。So said,When running the equipment overload situation must be avoided。
  In the second,Insulation broken
  The insulation of the transformer insulation parts or related links appear abnormal or damaged,The equipment will be eddy current in the operation process,Or is it more serious damage and cannot continue to use。So said,When running the mechanical equipment corresponding insulation parts need to make sure is in good condition。
  In conclusion,If you often use transformer,Then,At the time of operation and operating them,The corresponding overload condition and insulation parts damage must be avoided,Because they can bring adverse effect to the whole project,Make the corresponding project operation quality and efficiency has a problem。

What is the cause of the transformer core need grounding?

  Transformer is to use the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the voltage of the device,Running on the iron core of transformer and other accessories are winding around the electric field,If not grounded,Iron core and other accessories must induction voltage。
  Under the action of applied voltage,When the induction voltage exceeds of discharge voltage,Can produce discharge phenomenon。In order to avoid the internal discharge transformer,So will iron core is grounded。If long-term overload running,Will cause heating coil,Make insulation ageing,Short circuit between box、Interphase short circuit or to ground short circuit and oil decomposition。
  Transformer core insulation aging or clamping bolt casing damage,Will produce very big vortex core,Core heat cause insulation aging for a long time,When the core transformer maintenance,Should be pay attention to protect the coil or insulating casing,If found to have abrasion damage,Handle in time。

What is working principle of the electric power voltage regulator?

  Stabilizer by compensation circuit、Voltage detection circuit、Back to the furnace、Servo motor control circuits and reduction drive structure,Main circuit switch circuit operation、Voltage、Current measurement and protection circuit。Three-phase electric principle as shown in figure(2),Single-phase electric principle as shown in figure(3)

  The voltage compensation circuit composed of contact voltage regulatorT2And compensation transformerT1Composition。Contact voltage regulator for a connection in the output of the voltage regulator,Second pick up compensation transformer coil at a time,Compensation transformer secondary coil in series in the main circuit,The compensation principle as shown in figure(Four),Don't calculate compensation transformer impedance voltage drop:U2=U1±Uc。

  U1—Input phase voltage stabilizer
  U2—Output phase voltage stabilizer
  Uc—Offset voltage stabilizer
  When the input phase voltageU1Change△U1At the right time,If the offset voltageUcThe corresponding change△UcAnd△U1=△Uc,The output phase voltageU2You can remain the same。Offset voltageUcIs the regulation of according to the change of output voltage,By the voltage detection unit signal control servo motor rotation is given,Driven by gear and transmission mechanism by the brush sliding contact voltage regulator,Adjust the contact voltage regulator of secondary voltage to change the offset voltage,Automatically keep the output voltage stability。

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