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Address:Liuyang Byrd road international fireworks expo center
                 (Mark is opposite to the bus stop200M )
The phone:0731-83899999 
 The site of factory:A town of liuyang kong Kim seng community

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A Thai group donated100Million in liuyang one teacher reward fund
Hunan celebration of Thai fireworks group co., LTD New Year's greeting
The acting mayor of changsha city inspected Hu Zhongxiong celebration of Thai group

The dynamic of the industry

“Workshop for poverty alleviation”Open to the door The villagers employment family“Two not mistake”
In hunan province4Central post:Avoid banned、Fireworks firecracker policy“One size fits all”
【Atlas】Welcome all over the world in the fireworks and fireworks2019
Liuyang fireworks and change

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Firecrackers LTD exult,The extension of musical celebration of yuanxiao!
Today celebrates the tiger,Entertain yuanxiao with red fireworks team,With a heart indignation salute to traditional culture!
To start business| 2019New Year pledging conference
The commencement!Great luck!
Celebration of firecrackers on New Year's greetings
The reform will be,Hai is beginning to。The nice time in this new,I, on behalf of hunan city group board of directors and all staff,To the leaders at all levels、Dear customers,To always concern and support my sincere greetings to all the people from all walks of life of the development and the New Year blessing!
Hunan celebration of Thai fireworks group co., LTD New Year's greeting

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Celebration of the qin dynasty fireworks focus on whole series of fireworks for fireworks production enterprise in the world of fine products and comprehensive service。2002 In the first passISO International quality standard system certification。Won“China's well-known trademarks”、“The international famous brand in hunan province”、“Hunan famous trademark”、“Hunan famous brand products”, and many other honorary title of products sold inside and outside,Has been the world's largest fireworks company awarded high fragrance hidden love fireworks co., LTD“The best-selling products award”。


Qin firecrackers with exquisite craft、Beautiful shape、Gorgeous colour、Exquisite packaging and sell well in many provinces、The city、Region and Europe、The americas、Asia and other countries on five continents