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To carry forward the Chinese tea culture、Committed to build national brand of tea industry in China
Tea plantation base
Tea Garden Base
In zhejiang province have controllable tea garden
Introduction to the enterprise
company profile
30Years of experience Began1983Years
A cup of fragrant tea industry co., LTD., established in shandong2010Years3Month,The registered capital500Ten thousand yuan。The company is located in has a long history、Splendid culture“Longjing tea collection and distribution center” Of tengzhou,Longjing is set、White tea、Tieguanyin、Black tea、Pu-erh tea、Scented tea tea, etc.....
China merchants to join us
Southwest's largest chain of tea Only use in shandong province【Longjing tea certification marks】And【The geographic marks of longjing tea】The enterprise
Comes from1983Years
Their own tea plantation
The tea category
30Years of experienceThe company throughISO9001The international quality management system certification,ISO14000,ISO18000System certification,Shandong famous brand product,Now is one of the largest tea chain of shandong!
A cup of sweet isThe only company in the countryAll tea products(Including the green tea)Baotuibaohuan,Only use in shandong province{Longjing tea certification marks}And{The geographic marks of longjing tea}The enterprise
We have own in zhejiang provinceControllable tea garden12000m,Has its own tea factory(Shengzhou a cup of fragrant tea industry professional cooperatives),From picking fresh leaf to the customer's hand,We strictly control the every link,Cengcengbaguan。
The six major tea,20Multiple series100Multiple varieties,Adopted“FNIT” The original leaf tea packing technology, each product are carefully designed,Humanized design(Tea packaging has a small scissors.ChaGa.TSP.The instructions.Anti-counterfeiting mark)Customer requirements can satisfy different consumption levels!
Product display
Product display
20Multiple series100Multiple varieties
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Contact information
The phone:15216371192Manager wang 15863200039Guo Jingli
The service hotline:400-0632-011
Join the hotline:400-0637-011
Address:Shandong province su north street China north road and red lotus road south80M Lucy
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